Internal upskilling at rmg digital

2 March 2022

Upskilling is a relatively new term applied to a very old practice. The advantage of having a word to describe it is that it focuses the minds of employers on the proactive pursuit of upskilling rather than relying on it to happen organically. Internal training courses have long been a feature of career development but with today’s changeability of markets and rapid advances in technology, upskilling has assumed far greater importance.


It’s easy to understand how upskilling benefits employers. Instead of prioritising the hiring process to expand a company’s capability, it makes much more sense in terms of time and money to develop existing talent. Current employees understand the company culture, its methods and objectives, which means there’s no need to start from scratch. Enhancing and augmenting existing skills has many benefits.


Looking at upskilling from an employee’s point of view, it’s possible to identify many aspects that will prove attractive. At rmg digtial, we have first-hand experience of the way in which it improves performance, motivation and loyalty. We have always been attentive to our employees’ job aspirations and even though our business is recruitment, we would be the first to endorse the value of upskilling as one of the best things you can offer your employees.


The model we have successfully pursued at rmg digital is one we can recommend to any employer. We have seen the many links between positive upskilling policies and the development of a highly effective and satisfied workforce.


All paid work is done for reward, of course, but frequently remuneration and benefits are not sufficient motivators on their own. Clients have shared with us stories of talented employees who were tempted away not by lavish salary offers or extravagant perks but simply by the inspiring opportunities offered by a competitor. Almost without exception, employees are thinking of their future and if they can’t see one with their present employer, they will look elsewhere. Making upskilling central to their experience and development is the best way to combat this drift.


Take the example of the civil service or the military. These are frequently chosen as careers for life, not necessarily because they bring in the biggest pay cheques but because they offer a career-long path of personal and professional development. Exactly the same principle can work in a smaller private sector company. This is especially true in the digital and technology sectors where it is not just individuals but entire industries that are learning and growing every day.


Creating and sustaining a positive atmosphere in the workplace is essential. Fifty years ago this was rarely a priority but today, employers can see the positive results of creating an environment where employees enjoy working. More than this, we have found at rmg digital that happy employees are also eager to learn new skills, explore new pathways and follow their own initiatives. Conscious upskilling leads naturally to promotion whenever circumstances allow and this brings increased rewards both in terms of salary but also, and perhaps most importantly in terms of satisfaction and fulfilment.


We believe that the empowerment of our employees is one of our most significant duties. But we would emphasise again that we gain at least as much from this as our staff. Nurturing the talent which is already engaged in our project means that everyone grows and everyone wins. Employee turnover is expensive and time-consuming. Upskilling represents a considerably more effective investment of resources. It improves staff retention, boosts morale, increases productivity, enhances customer satisfaction and even helps to attract new talent. A company committed to upskilling quickly earns a reputation as an employer of first choice.


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