Just Auto Insurance Case Study

Just Auto Insurance Case Study


Just was established in 2019, an innovative tech start-up disrupting the US auto insurance industry. Millions of people are expected to benefit from the company’s vision, which aims to improve road safety while making car insurance more affordable and fair. Using the latest technology and proprietary algorithms, the Just app delivers an incredibly easy-to-use experience that utilises the company’s ground-breaking products. With recently acquiring a Series A funding, Just were looking to scale their talent teams to optimise their product offering.


  • To deliver 3x Developers, 1x Product Analyst and 1x Product Designer.
  • As the tech market is more competitive now than it has been in 20 years, fulfilling this brief within the timeframe was a challenge to hire quality talent.
  • All the roles needed to be filled by the end of 2022. 


rmg engaged with Just to fully understand their requirements and delivered a custom package for them, with a monthly rolling deposit and a top-up fee to be paid per successful placement. We embedded a dedicated consultant into their team 3 days a week and provided full access to our Digital delivery team. We ran a series of marketing campaigns, targeting passive candidates with the skill sets required. By deploying this targeted set of solutions, we successfully placed and delivered ahead of schedule. This case study demonstrates just how agile and adaptable our talent solutions are, in addition to the value for money that they offer.

The Results

5x Hires in 3 months

Time to hire for Software Engineers reduced by 46%

Offer to placement 100% success

5 Offers - 23 Interviews

29 Profiles submitted

“What was your experience working with rmg digital?”
rmg was very thorough on understanding the type of candidates we are looking for both from cultural fit and technical knowledge and background. This not only helped to recruit candidates substantially quicker, but also saved us a lot of time on interviewing process.

“How did it differ from past experiences?”
Not overselling position, which can alienate a lot of tech candidates. Not bombarding with CV’s which do not have a good chance of getting a position. Being very responsive and engaged during the whole recruitment process.

“Would you recommend them to others when hiring?”
Yes, absolutely

– Head of Software Engineering –