How To Land a Job in UX Design, Even If You Don’t Have Experience

2 March 2022

With a huge surge in demand for UX designers, you could well be interested in a career in this dynamic area. But how should you go about landing your first position? Read on to discover our UX career advice as well as some key tips to help you get your foot in the door – even if you have no prior UX experience.

A Big Demand For UX Designers

Right now, the market is experiencing a huge demand for people with UX design skills. This is due in part to the changes brought about by the Covid pandemic. With more and more of us now accustomed to using the internet for everything from our weekly food shop through to work and studying, the websites and apps that enable this to happen need to be better than ever. And that, of course, is where the UX designer comes in.

A UX designer is responsible for crafting the user’s journey through a website or app, from navigating its pages or sections, to selecting products and making purchases, as well as controlling vital aspects such as how the website or app looks and feels. After all, UX is shorthand for “user experience”, and nowadays the role is integral to the success of any brand. Good UX design will lead to happy users, higher conversion rates and brand loyalty, whereas a poorly constructed app or website will lead to frustrated, unhappy customers who will be unlikely to return.

Getting Your First Job

Of course, building the necessary skills is crucial, and there are plenty of excellent study options available, many of which can be done in your free time alongside your current job. There are also a wealth of videos available to watch and glean wonderful tips from, as well as useful articles and blogs. Building a strong core understanding of the core principles of what constitutes successful design, as well as being aware of the current trends will stand you in good stead when it comes to being hired.

Don’t underestimate the value of your existing skills and experience, either- even if they may not seem relevant to your new career at first glance. A good record of team working, communicating effectively, and delivering results will all stand in your favour, and present you as a great would-be employee.

Showcase Your Skills

Now its time to display your new skills, by creating an online portfolio of sample work. Link this portfolio to a LinkedIn profile and other relevant professional social media platforms, so that prospective employers can instantly get a sense of your capabilities. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Find your own speciality or niche, and work hard on refining it: this could become your USP in the future.

Use social media platforms to start networking with those already in the profession, and reach out to those who might be able to mentor you. There may even be the chance to get valuable work experience or an internship this way, which will allow you to shadow someone already doing your dream job, thereby giving you a crucial insight into what employers actually want.

Get Expert UX Career Advice

Another winning strategy is to get in touch with specialist recruiters, who can help to shape your career aspirations and connect you with the perfect job opportunities, too.

At rmg digital, our expert team has the experience and know how to match candidates to the right companies and positions found across our wide network, ensuring that your career dreams can truly become a reality. Why not get in touch today, and discover how rmg digital can kickstart your exciting new career in UX design? Contact us at or 020 3800 1118

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