Fireside with Founders is a Podcast, sponsored by rmg digital, that takes a behind the curtain look at the journey taken by some of the worlds coolest start-ups and their amazing founders.

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  • The Science of Pitching: Tips for Founders from an Investment Partner Krish Ramadura at Harmonixi
    by rmg digital on 14 June 2024 at 10:00

    Summary: Krish, an investment partner at Harmonix Fund, delves into the world of venture capital investment strategies, emphasising the importance of technical domain know-how in sectors like healthcare, life sciences, and deep tech. He highlights the challenges faced by emerging manager funds in proving their concept and generating sustainable returns. Krish provides strategic advice on pitching to VCs, focusing on building relationships and presenting a compelling narrative that resonates with investors. He stresses the significance of due diligence on investors to ensure a fruitful long-term partnership. Krish's raw insights based on personal experiences offer valuable lessons for founders navigating the complex landscape of venture capital funding. [00:00:32] Venture capital investment strategies. [00:05:43] Emerging manager funds challenges. [00:08:05] Pitching to VCs strategically. [00:11:37] Crafting a Compelling Narrative. [00:15:30] Due diligence on investors. [00:16:54] Raw insight into personal experiences.

  • Unpacking Trends in Product Design and AI with Luis Klefsjo - Head of Product Design at YLD
    by rmg digital on 12 June 2024 at 06:35

    In this episode, Louis, Head of Product Design at YLD, shares his journey from studying interior architecture to working in recruitment and eventually landing in the digital consultancy industry. He discusses how YLD helps clients with designing products, software engineering, and user-centric focused products. Tune in to learn about Louis's background and his insights into the industry. Timestamp: [00:01:14] From interior architect to digital design. [00:05:38] Prototyping for effective communication. [00:07:23] Discovering the world of UX. [00:11:33] Career progression and patience. [00:15:38] Leadership and Team Dynamics. [00:19:23] Embracing bottom-up culture in business. [00:24:27] Challenges of merging companies. [00:29:03] Navigating business shifts for growth. [00:30:37] AI and office trends. [00:33:47] Understanding the impact of AI.

  • Decoding the Secrets of Successful Investments with Mark Volchek from Las Olas VC
    by rmg digital on 10 June 2024 at 09:00

    In this episode, Mark shares his journey from being an entrepreneur in the fintech industry to starting up Las Olas, a unique investment fund. He talks about his experience raising capital, taking a company public, and transitioning to angel investing. Mark and his partner decided to professionalize their angel investing, leading to the creation of Las Olas. Tune in to learn more about Mark's entrepreneurial background and the innovative approach of Las Olas in the investment world. Timestamps: [00:01:26] Entrepreneurial journey and angel investing. [00:06:41] Importance of company's location. [00:09:37] Remote vs. in-person dynamics. [00:10:40] Venture capital essentials. [00:14:45] Navigating growth for startups. [00:17:48] Insights into talent selection.

  • Building Successful Partnerships in the Sports Tech Industry - Keith Bank - KB Partners
    by rmg digital on 7 June 2024 at 08:00

    Keith Mank, founder of KB Partners, shares his journey from real estate to venture capital over 28 years in the industry. Starting as an angel investor during the early days of the internet and cell phone technology, he saw a need for more venture capital in Chicago and the Midwest. Despite initial doubts, Keith took the leap into VC in 1996 and hasn't looked back. Tune in to hear about his transition, early lessons learned, and insights gained along the way. Timestamp; [00:02:01] Early stage venture capital insights. [00:06:03] The sports and wellness ecosystem. [00:10:27] Choosing the right investment partner. [00:13:17] Importance of building relationships. [00:15:08] Entrepreneurial mindset and perseverance.

  • Investor Insights - From SpaceX to Palantir: Navigating the World of Dual-Use Technology Investments with Neil Keegan CEO at Marlinspike
    by rmg digital on 31 May 2024 at 06:33

    In this episode, Neil Keegan, founder of Marlinspike, shares his journey from being a Naval officer to establishing a venture capital firm focused on aerospace and defense technology. He discusses his background, experiences, and the inspiration behind starting Marlinspike. Neil highlights the thrill of supporting bold founders using disruptive technology to revolutionize industries, exemplified by their investment in SpaceX. Join us to explore the exciting world of venture capital and bold entrepreneurship with Neil Keegan on the Investor miniseries. Timestamp: [00:03:03] Dual use in investments. [00:03:45] Military and commercial technology evolution. [00:08:28] Innovating in Defense Technology. [00:12:13] Leveraging networks for investments. [00:19:14] Defense technology trends. [00:19:47] Wrapping up the conversation. Links to invested companies: SpaceX: https://www.spacex.com/ Palantir: https://www.palantir.com/ Anduril: https://www.anduril.com/ Shield AI: https://shield.ai/ Armada: https://www.armada.ai/ Vatn Systems: https://www.vatnsystems.com/   Marlinspike website: https://marlinspike.us/ Marlinspike LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/marlinspike Neil Keegan’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neil-keegan-7a845866/  

  • Navigating the Tech Industry: From Mechanical Engineering to CTO - Elie Hamouche CTO at Tickitto
    by rmg digital on 28 May 2024 at 06:34

    From mechanical engineering to CTO of Tickitto, Elie shares his journey into the tech space with Rupert. Despite starting in a different field, Elie's passion for programming led him to pivot his career. The discussion touches on challenges faced along the way and the rapid progression in Elie's career. Tune in to hear how Elie's determination and love for technology shaped his professional path. [00:02:29] Career challenges in tech transition. [00:05:33] Stand out in interviews. [00:08:18] Real-world industry experience. [00:12:29] Importance of timekeeping. [00:20:17] Challenges of working in startups. [00:21:28] Hiring self-starters in startups. [00:27:01] Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning [00:30:55] AI integration in engineering.

  • Corporate Wellness and Employee Engagement: The Gojoe Approach - Will Turner Co-Founder at GoJoe
    by rmg digital on 28 May 2024 at 06:09

    In this episode, we speak to Will Turner, Co-Founder of tech wellness company GoJoe. Will discusses his background in law before co-founding a tech business. We talk about his journey from practising law to working with the British Olympic team, where their passion for sport and tech intersected. The conversation delves into the transition from a legal career to entrepreneurship, highlighting the evolution of his interests and professional trajectory. TimeStamp; [00:02:19] Frustrated lawyers with ideas. [00:06:36] Social accountability. [00:09:57] Bringing Olympic experience to tech. [00:13:14] Letting go of tasks. [00:14:17] Hiring for attitude over aptitude. [00:18:34] Working with big companies. [00:23:35] Funding and raising money. [00:27:30] Product-led growth and automation. [00:29:03] Consumerizing the product for growth.

  • Inside the Journey of Shopblocks: From Zero Customers to Enterprise Clients with Stewart Reynolds, COO and Co-Founder
    by rmg digital on 21 May 2024 at 06:25

    Today on the podcast, we had Stewart Reynolds, the COO and co-founder of Shopblocks, a company that builds e-commerce platforms for businesses of all sizes. Stewart shared his journey into entrepreneurship, insights on their hiring process, adapting through investment rounds, and what's next for their business and e-commerce. Tune in for valuable information on hiring practices and business strategies! Timestamps: [00:02:23] Long-standing friendship turned business venture. [00:05:57] Identifying your hedgehog moment. [00:07:42] The birth of Linked Accounts. [00:13:18] Entrepreneurial motivation. [00:15:34] Leadership and team building. [00:18:40] Building companies for humans. [00:22:41] Recruitment strategies and growth. [00:25:20] The psychology of recruitment. [00:29:10] Challenges of managing stakeholders. [00:32:49] Board composition and dynamics. [00:37:25] Emerging markets and growth. [00:38:27] From startup to big conference.

  • Exploring the Intersection of Fitness and AI with Sunil Jundal, Co-Founder and CPO at Magic AI
    by rmg digital on 14 May 2024 at 06:28

    In this episode, Sunil shares his unique journey into product management, from starting as an intern to becoming the first product manager at Hubble. He delves into his experience setting up a table tennis league for companies like WeWork and Monzo, highlighting how these experiences led him to co-found Magic AI. Sunil's passion for table tennis shines through, showcasing his drive to excel both in sports and in the tech industry. Tune in to learn more about Sunil's background and the fascinating intersection of fitness and AI in his work at Magic AI. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/suniljindal21/ Timestamps: [00:02:05] Incorporating technology into fitness. [00:05:55] A challenging journey. [00:07:55] Learning through entrepreneurial failures. [00:12:43] Fitness mirror with AI technology. [00:15:01] Using data for personalized audio. [00:21:05] Table tennis and stress relief. [00:25:08] Importance of work-life balance. [00:28:33] Personalized workout experiences. [00:30:10] Amazing feedback and endorsements.

  • Unpacking the Impact of AI on Journalism and Media - Christopher Brennan - Co-Founder at Overtone
    by rmg digital on 8 May 2024 at 08:24

    In this episode, Christopher Brennan, Co-Founder at Overtone discusses his journey from being a journalist covering tech and data privacy issues in Europe to transitioning into building tech products like language models for content recommendation systems. Christopher shares insights from his experience working in journalism and academia, highlighting the shift from reporting on AI to actively developing technology in the field. For all of this and loads more, tune in now. Timestamps; [00:01:07] Data privacy and AI emergence. [00:06:35] Algorithms and social media impact. [00:10:37] AI translating complex language. [00:12:22] News avoidance in the digital age. [00:17:28] Misinformation in media outlets. [00:22:43] AI impact on journalism. [00:26:16] Information overload and infodemic. [00:27:40] The economics of online content. [00:32:12] The future of advertising industry. [00:35:44] The positives of technology.

  • Learning by Doing: Key Principles for Product Success - Steve Dietz - VP of Product Management at HqO
    by rmg digital on 26 March 2024 at 08:00

    In this week's episode we speak to Steve Dietz, VP of Product Management at HqO. Steve talks about how he's navigated multiple mergers & acquisitions in the business' that he's worked for, learning to trust your gut and some of the key principals to product success. [00:03:34] Falling in love with product management. [00:06:47] Building a business passion. [00:10:22] Path to product management. [00:13:32] Startups losing too much money. [00:17:01] Balancing customer needs with profitability. [00:19:05] Importance of playing sales role. [00:25:46] Importance of fieldwork for PMs. [00:28:34] Learning by doing and failing. [00:30:57] Learning from failures and experience. [00:36:43] Successful acquisitions strategies. [00:39:01] Importance of team collaboration. [00:42:22] Trusting your gut in decisions. https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-dietz-product/

  • Breaking Barriers: A Journey into Men's Mental Health with Neil Smith - Co-Founder of Mettle
    by rmg digital on 19 March 2024 at 07:00

    In this episode we are joined by Neil Smith, Co-Founder of mens mental health app Mettle. We talk all about Neils journey from TV Production to running a tech buisness. As well as this we talk about the stigma behind mens mental health and what Neil and is team at Mettle are doing to break these barriers. https://www.linkedin.com/in/neil-smith-2a5ab64/ [00:04:00] Second mountain theory [00:06:36] Changing perceptions through survival challenges. [00:07:40] Male mental health awareness. [00:13:35] Meditation and Breathwork Journeys. [00:17:44] Breaking barriers in mental health. [00:20:28] Men's mental health stigma. [00:25:19] Building strong partnerships. [00:28:55] Harnessing technology for mental fitness. [00:30:53] Building Mental Wellness Habits [00:37:07] Men's mental health crisis. [00:41:20] A variety of mental health methods. [00:42:11] Finding joy in simplicity.

  • From Google Drive to Transforming Public Services: A Product Manager's Story - Scott Johnston - CPO at Code for America
    by rmg digital on 12 March 2024 at 09:57

    In this episode, we talk to Scott Johnston, CPO at Code for America about his journey as a Product Leader. This one is jam-packed with stories that will inspire you to be at your best. From working with Google, getting fired by Sergey Brin (and re-hired) and surviving cancer, it really has got it all. https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottjohnston/ [00:03:23] Impact of product management on users. [00:06:32] Alleviating poverty and improving services. [00:09:46] Evolution of file storage. [00:15:26] Thinking 100 years ahead. [00:18:31] Leadership and firing at Google. [00:24:14] Managing Upwards [00:27:29] Building and cancelling product launch. [00:30:11] Managing bills and puppy mishap. [00:36:01] The importance of technology in education. [00:41:30] Impact of technology on education. [00:44:28] Surviving cancer and leadership insights. [00:49:35] Jobs defining personal identity.

  • Unlocking the Power of Spatial Data: Innovations and Future Trends - Tomas Holderness CTO at Addresscloud
    by rmg digital on 4 March 2024 at 07:22

    This episode features an interview with Tom Holderness, the CTO of Addresscloud. Tom shares insights into his non-traditional journey from academia to entrepreneurship. He discusses his background in geography and geographic information science, highlighting his work in building the next generation of mapping technology. Stay tuned to gain wisdom and insight into the innovative work happening at Addresscloud. [00:02:26] Geographic data and heatwaves. [00:03:42] Hub of innovation and collaboration. [00:08:41] Geocoding advancements in mapping. [00:11:27] Address Cloud for Insurance Innovation. [00:16:08] Climate change and insurance risks. [00:19:45] Thatch roofs and insurance premiums. [00:23:09] Geospatial data analysis advancements. [00:26:38] Opening geospatial data access. [00:30:24] Addressing in Home Deliveries. [00:33:59] Interdisciplinary working in academia. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomas-holderness-18106047/details/experience/

  • Decoding the Importance of Data in Product Decision-Making - Wayne Lopez, CPO and Co-Founder at VertifyData
    by rmg digital on 27 February 2024 at 07:54

    Exploring diverse career paths into product management, this episode delves into Wayne's journey from sales and operations at Philip Morris to consultancy and finally landing in the product realm. The conversation touches on the varying paths people take to enter product roles, emphasizing the absence of a traditional route compared to other professions. We cover all things data-related and how you can really use data to help you make important product-based decisions. Tune in to uncover the unique and non-linear career progression in the dynamic field of product management. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wayne-lopez-6a0641/ [00:01:54] Diverse Paths to Product Management. [00:06:26] Origin story of Vertify Data. [00:11:08] Evolution of revenue operations. [00:14:58] Learning from history for innovation. [00:20:43] The importance of data-driven decisions. [00:23:22] Too much data concerns. [00:28:16] Understanding customers through ethnography. [00:29:57] Data consolidation in technology. [00:34:08] Embracing technical skills for product.

  • Building Strong Teams and Customer-Centric Cultures: Insights from Beth Moore, CX & UX Executive at Reach Partners
    by rmg digital on 20 February 2024 at 07:51

    In this episode of Fireside with Founders and Leaders, Beth Moore, an executive leader specializing in UCD, UX, UI, CX, and research at Reach Partners, shares her 20 years of industry experience. Beth discusses her career journey, from knowing her career path at a young age to becoming a creative director. Tune in to gain insights into her mantras, hiring strategies, and valuable tips for building successful teams in the world of CX and UX. [00:03:08] Architecting toys like a pro. [00:05:03] Evolution of graphic design technology. [00:10:56] Evolution from graphic design to user experience. [00:13:57] Evolution of Internet security. [00:16:28] Customer return label resolution issue. [00:21:36] Customer experience discovery sessions. [00:26:19] Customer-centric culture discussion. [00:27:46] Focusing on customer stories. [00:32:06] Approach to team building. [00:35:18] Hiring Culture Fit. [00:40:38] The future of AI. [00:42:45] UX and CX future trends.

  • Anish Joshi - Co-Founder at Design3 - Navigating the Hype Cycle: AI, Web3, and the Future of Design
    by rmg digital on 13 February 2024 at 07:20

    In this episode, we talk to Anish Joshi, Co-Founder at Design3 about all things AI, Web3 and the future of Design. We discuss; The Evolution of Design in the Digital Era The Intersection of Design and Sustainability The Impact of AI on Design Innovation Building a Design Think-Tank and Network Entrepreneurship in Design and Technology Web3 and Its Implications for Designers [00:01:30] Design in the digital age. [00:03:29] Bringing design into organizations. [00:07:21] Design thinking and UX. [00:12:05] Sustainable digital design. [00:17:01] The future of design. [00:19:57] AI for research. [00:23:01] Time as a limiting factor. [00:27:04] AI and global market variations. [00:29:08] Designing for blockchain web three. [00:32:57] Understanding how blockchain works. [00:36:10] Inherent design skills. [00:41:20] Intrapreneurship in companies. [00:45:08] Sustainability and Web3 in design. [00:47:53] Global outreach and community network. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anish-joshi-design/

  • The Power of Collective Intelligence in Building a Team - Tom Shurrock, Product Director at Beamery
    by rmg digital on 6 February 2024 at 07:14

    In this episode, we welcome Tom Shurrock Product Director at Beamery We uncover Toms background in engineering and website development, as well as his "eggs"perience launching an iPhone app😉 . We delve deep into the world of a T-Shaped Product Manager and what this really means. Tom talks about the power of embracing collaboration and how you can too. We talk about the importance of hiring based on skills and not just job titles, as well as the value of continuous learning. So for all of this and way more - hit play now! https://www.linkedin.com/in/shurrock/ [00:02:35] Building an iPhone app. [00:04:54] Timing of cooking an egg. [00:09:03] Impact of working in different sizes [00:15:26] Collective intelligence. [00:17:23] Changes in product management. [00:22:33] T-shaped product management. [00:24:30] The crossbar of product management. [00:29:37-00:29:48] Product market feedback. [00:35:37] Using skills to hire. [00:36:09] Talent and skills in hiring. [00:40:37] Skills and AI in recruitment. [00:45:37] Imposter syndrome.

  • Mehmet Ellesin: Building Successful Products and Teams at Companies including TripAdvisor and Amazon
    by rmg digital on 30 January 2024 at 07:00

    In this episode of Fireside with Founders and Leaders, Mehmet Ellesin, former Product Director at Bumble, shares insights from his experience working at companies like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Getr. He discusses the keys to their success, his journey as a product leader, and his approach to building successful teams and products. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Mehmet's extensive background in the industry. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mehmetelicin/ [00:02:04] Mehmet's experience at Bumble. [00:05:32] Technological shift and innovation. [00:09:08] Closer to the customer. [00:14:01] The Gen Z challenge. [00:17:06] Integrating dating with the physical world. [00:21:45] Gen Z and product empathy. [00:25:36] User addiction to promotions. [00:29:33] Going back to the office. [00:34:14] Travel industry and brand loyalty. [00:38:15] Product strategies and optimization. [00:42:58] Product management as storytelling. [00:49:39] Building a high-performing team. [00:50:41] Elevating yourself in product management.

  • The Intersection of Technology and Traditional Craftsmanship - Dave Hornsby - Head of Product at Modyfi
    by rmg digital on 23 January 2024 at 10:12

    In this week's episode we speak to Dave Hornsby, Head of Product at Modyfi, a design platform that helps designers build and craft beautiful designs whilst collaborating. We explore Daves journey into product as well as looking at some of his time spent in media companies, including SnapChat and ITV. We talk about, the evolution of imaging platforms and how AI has helped advance platforms including Modify. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-hornsby-9350b49/ [00:01:18] Starting career in music. [00:07:13] Improving collaboration for graphic designers. [00:11:11] Operating at scale in technology. [00:12:48] Unlocking human capability in others. [00:18:45] AI as an enabler. [00:22:28] Real-time collaboration impact. [00:29:39] Authentication and transparency in AI. [00:32:23] The pace of innovation. [00:35:51] Treat people nicely and understand

  • Building a Better Way: How Jitty is Revolutionising the Home Buying Process - Graham Paterson Co-Founder of Jitty
    by rmg digital on 17 January 2024 at 12:05

    In this episode, we speak to Graham Paterson, Co-Founder of Jitty about how he and his co-founders are building a better way to get the homebuying service. We talk about; ✅ Building a Strong Network ✅ Graham's experience working in companies including Deliveroo & Wise ✅ Embracing Patience ✅ Deep Understanding of Problems ✅ The power of building digital products the right way So sit back with your headphones on and enjoy 🎧 https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamwpaterson/ [00:00:06] Transitioning from marketing to product. [00:02:56] Frustrated founder and buying houses. [00:10:37] Granular home search options. [00:14:09] Normalising the ability to have an impact. [00:17:24] Helicopter view in product development. [00:19:27] Getting out of their way. [00:23:21] Validating the problem space. [00:24:30] Mindset switch and problem-solving. [00:27:34] AI revolutionizing the real estate market. [00:32:12] Relaxing and enjoying the journey.

  • Unlocking Potential: The Power of Personal Development in Product Management - Jon Carman - Head of Product at England Rugby
    by rmg digital on 9 January 2024 at 07:45

    In this episode, we had the pleasure of being hosted at Twickenham Stadium by Jon Carman Head of Product for England Rugby we discussed his journey into product management and hiscurrent role as Head of Product at England Rugby. Jons focus has been on establishing the product function within the organisation, which is a new venture for England Rugby as they invest in digital transformation. Previously, he worked at Gusto, the Recipe Kit subscription company, where he was part of a significant growth journey. His role involved bridging the gap between customer experience and supply chain logistics. At England Rugby, Jon brings experience from different organisations and applies it to the unique challenges of the sports industry. We discuss; Jons journey into Product Innovations in Rugby and how digital is at the heart How the RFU is driving innovation to gain engagement Jons career transition from start-up to transformational change So for all of this and loads more, hit play now. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jondavidcarman/ [00:00:00] Twickenham Stadium and product journey. [00:01:12] Establishing product for the future. [00:06:51] Focusing on transformational change. [00:11:52] Using technology to change. [00:12:31] Unifying digital experiences in rugby. [00:14:29] Future of fan engagement. [00:19:05] Using technology to understand players. [00:21:10] Personalised content and membership options. [00:24:20] Challenges of transitioning between industries. [00:28:08] Expanding the product team. [00:32:23] Findability and user experience. [00:35:24] Cross-functional teams and transformation. [00:39:16] Reflecting on achievements.

  • The Power of Transcripts: Enhancing Content Creation and Audience Impact
    by rmg digital on 12 December 2023 at 01:10

    In this episode, Tessa, a former journalist, shares her unique journey into the world of product management. She discusses her career as a video journalist for Reuters and the valuable skills she acquired in the field. Tune in to learn about Tess's transition from journalism to tech, and how her background in storytelling has influenced her approach to product management.

  • Alastair Preacher - CPO and Co-Founder - Unblock- Unravelling the Benefits and Challenges of Web3 and Blockchain
    by rmg digital on 4 December 2023 at 16:25

    In this episode of Fireside with Founders and Leaders, host Rupert interviews Alistair Preacher, co-founder and CPO of Unblock. Alistair shares his entrepreneurial journey from consultancy to the corporate world, working on both digital and physical products. The conversation then delves into the world of Web3 and blockchain, exploring its complexities and potential societal benefits. Tune in to unravel the intricacies of this fascinating topic. In this episode we discuss; Alastair's route to Product Working across physical and digital products at Tesco What does it really mean to be Product Focused From Corporate to Start-Up and how the role differs Why structure is important, even in startups. Web3 broken down - what is it? How it links with Blockchain technology Why all of this matters and how it can help society So for all of this and LOADS more, tune in now! [00:00:41] Web3 and blockchain. [00:06:49] Improving fruit and veg. [00:08:40] Tesco's blend of digital and physical. [00:11:33] Freshness perception and customer behavior. [00:16:43] A higher volume business. [00:19:33] Professional structures and stakeholder management. [00:23:00] Finding product market fit. [00:27:23] Web3 and its applications. [00:30:12] DeFi and democratizing financial access. [00:34:03] DeFi strategies and yield farming. [00:40:40] Use cases for NFTs. [00:43:21] Trust and volatility in crypto. [00:46:28] Deep fakes and authenticity. Socials: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alastairpreacher/

  • Janie Ellwood - Senior Director of Product - The Trainline - From Pro Dancer to Product
    by rmg digital on 14 November 2023 at 07:32

    In this weeks episode we talk to Janie Ellwood Senior Product Director at the Trainline about her journey from being a Pro Dancer to becoming a Director of Product for one of the UKs most used Apps. We talk about; Starting her Product Career in a StartUp Moving to ASOS when still being founder-led Taking the Trainline to Europe The power of Story-Telling in Product The Value of Research and Data - Customer Missions The culture of Dog-Fooding Moving up the "ladder" internally Challenges building new markets & regions into a Product Finding "cracks in the door" and getting your foot in them Ensuring goals are transparent and people are aligned (OKR's) So for all of this and LOADS more hit the play button now! You can connect with Janie on Social Media here; https://www.linkedin.com/in/janieellwood/

  • Barry Pace - Head of Product at Penfold - Product Principles to help you thrive
    by rmg digital on 7 November 2023 at 09:40

    In this weeks episode we speak to Barry Pace - Head of Product at Penfold. In this episode we explore; Barrys journey into Product Management How his early career in Project Management defined his journey Being able to transition across domains How to optimise your first 90 days in a new role in Product Continuous interviewing Culture in a company is key to the success of the product Creating psychological safety The importance of finding a great mentor For all this and loads more hit play now! https://www.linkedin.com/in/barryjamespace/ Book reference - Teresa Torres - Continuous Discovery Habits

  • Leon Saunders Calvert - CPO at ESG Book - Investing in our future
    by rmg digital on 17 October 2023 at 07:00

    In this week's episode, we talk to Leon Saunders Calvert, Chief Product Officer at ESG Book. We discuss; Leons Journey into Product Working in M&A Making Data-Driven decisions An insight into what ESG is Trends in the market Why sustainable finance is important His desire to build meaningful products Working in a market that is not fully understood Where Leon sees the market in ESG evolving So for all of this and more, hit play now!

  • Simon Gunning - CEO at CALM - bringing the charity sector to life
    by rmg digital on 3 October 2023 at 09:00

    In this episode, we kick off season 4 by speaking to Simon Gunning CEO at Campaign Against Living Miserably. We talk about; Simon's career in the corporate world, working for some of the biggest names and brands Bringing lots of his learns from that world into his time at CALM What CALM are doing to prevent suicide Building it like a record label The stigma that still exists around suicide and mental health Some of the campaigns that CALM have launched So for all this and loads more hit the play button now.

  • James Lonergan - Design Operations Lead - BP - Building a better future
    by rmg digital on 27 June 2023 at 06:30

    In this episode, we speak to James Lonergan, Design Operations Lead at BP all about how they have been building a design team to shape the future of energy consumption. We talk about; How James started his career in Design Moving into an Ops role What an Ops role really involves What BP is doing to help shape how we consume energy, including working towards a net zero strategy The importance that the design team will play in shaping the strategy So for all of this and loads more hit the play button now. James can be found - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameslonergan/

  • Ed Stration - Co-Founder - GeneHub - making better decisions & removing guesswork
    by rmg digital on 13 June 2023 at 06:30

    In this episode, we talk to Ed Stration, Co-Founder of GeneHub about his journey to starting his business and what they are doing to help people make better decisions around medical treatment. We discuss; Ed's early career - making the switch into something he's passionate about Finding his co-founder at Antler An idea starting with solving a problem for both of them Timing being key Being prepared to break things to make them work Building a secure way to help people's health and allow them to own their data Why they are building GeneHub and how they are doing it. For all of this and lot's more hit play now!

  • Mini Break
    by rmg digital on 30 May 2023 at 06:52

    This week we are having a short break, however, we want to hear from YOU about the topics you want to hear, the guests you want to see & hear from. Please get in touch (rupert@rmgdigital.io) to let us know. We will be back in 2 weeks with another awesome guest!

  • Tom Foster-Carter - CEO and Co-Founder at Lollipop - Scratching the itch
    by rmg digital on 16 May 2023 at 10:40

    In this episode, we speak to Tom Foster-Carter, CEO and Co-Founder at Lollipop. This is a jam-packed epsiode where we talk about; Being part of Osper - a fintech for children Co-Founding Curve and why he left Joining Monzo as their COO His desire to move into a CEO role and what that transition has been like Finding what he's good at and what he really enjoys How Lollipop is creating a better online grocery shopping experience Enabling consumers to make healthier choices The importance of GREAT UX Taking tough decisions to start again when going in the wrong direction Remembering to celebrate success The shocking stats around underrepresented founders in the UK What Tom's doing to change the narrative on underrepresentation with All In So for all this and LOADS more hit play! You can follow Toms journey online https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomfostercarter/ or https://twitter.com/scaleupdad as well as finding out more about how you can pledge to build a diverse workforce - https://www.allin.works/

  • Gareth Thomas - Former Head of Design at Carwow - the dark art of design leadership
    by rmg digital on 3 May 2023 at 07:00

    In this episode, we talk to Gareth Thomas former Head of Design at Carwow. Gareth helped them scale their design team significantly in his time there working closely with the founders to realise their vision. We talk to Gareth about; His career path and getting into design Being a self-taught designer Scaling the Design Team at Carwow The "dark arts" of Design leadership and getting the balance right How Product Design is going through an identity crisis and what can be done about it. So for all of this and more, check it out now. You can find Gareth on LinkedIn; https://www.linkedin.com/in/gareth-thomas-designer/

  • Barry Shrier - Founder of Giant Health - Supporting entrepreneurs and creating better health
    by rmg digital on 19 April 2023 at 19:17

    In this episode we speak to Barry Shrier Founder of Giant Health, "Europe's largest, most valuable festival of health-tech innovation"​. Barry is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for launching, scaling and selling business We talk to Barry about; Launching a wireless telecoms business Taking steps to address global warming and climate change What he looks for when he sets up a business Starting with an exit in mind Where innovation comes from Why he got into Healthcare and Healthtech You can connect with Barry on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/barryshrier/or via his EA Olga@GiantHealthEvents.com

  • Richard Alberg - CEO at aptem - Engergy + Focus = Success
    by rmg digital on 28 March 2023 at 06:36

    In this episode, we talk to Richard Alberg, CEO of aptem a SaaS platform with a focus on vocational training. We talk to Richard about; Starting his career in Advertising & Marketing moving by default into the tech space Finding something that interests you Being able to cope with the pressure and the lows How to find what you're good at and building a team of others to do the parts you're not good at Suddenly not being the funniest person in the room How he set up his own firm to be his first customer Taking pride in delegation What Richard looks for as an advisor and investor So for all of this and lots more, hit play now to check it out!

  • Nelson Wooton CEO and Co-Founder at SaaScada - Scaling the Fintech market at speed by harnessing technology
    by rmg digital on 8 March 2023 at 07:33

    In this episode, we speak to Nelson Wooton CEO and Co-Founder of SaaScada, a technology business that helps companies deliver core banking services at an accelerated speed. In our chat we discuss; Nelson starting in the tech world in the 90's Being a guitarist in a band to building websites Going from hands-on roles to leadership Building a digital bank in 2 years The "Snake Oil Salesmen"  Building core banking systems at speed and a lower cost What he's learned about banking systems and how they work Some of Nelsons biggest learns as he's moved from CTO to CEO as well as when building the business So for all of this and lots more, hit play now! 

  • Victor Kula-Szilagyi - Head of Product at SEDNA - Future proofing your product and your career
    by rmg digital on 23 February 2023 at 08:44

    In this week's episode, we speak to Victor Kula-Szilagyi, Head of Product at SEDNA.  SEDNA transforms business processes by connecting work email with your core third-party apps - from tools specific to maritime shipping, where SEDNA got its start, to industry-agnostic tools like Salesforce We discuss; Victor's career path starting in Design and moving into Product How he made the transition and how you can too Some of the complexity around working on B2B products Victors move from consumer-focused products into the B2B world A look at how the role of design has changed in the last 20 years Designing for the future - time horizons  The problems they are solving at SEDNA Helping make changes in industries that have been doing things the same way for years For all of this and lots more, hit play now! 

  • Zandra Moore - Co-Founder and CEO at Panintelligence - The gender gap in tech
    by rmg digital on 13 February 2023 at 06:56

    In this episode, we speak to Zandra Moore - Co-Founder and CEO at Panintelligence. We get to discuss Zandra's experience and why/how she got into the tech industry.  Among the topics of conversation we discuss;  Having a role model to show her what the tech industry was all about  Working in Software Sales  Being a female leader in a male-dominated industry  Seizing the opportunity to become a founder at Paninitelligence  What they are doing to help companies make better use of data  The gap between men and women in tech  Some of the current challenges that are faced today getting women into tech  What Zandra has been doing to break this cycle The importance of networking, including some groups she has set up and is involved in.  So for all of this and lots more, hit play now!

  • Julia Salasky - CEO at Legl - digitising an entire sector from the ground up
    by rmg digital on 31 January 2023 at 08:30

    Julia Salasky - CEO at Legl is someone who has been involved in helping shape the future of legal services and how they are accessed by consumers. Her current company (Legl) is helping law firms become more agile by helping them digitise there operational tasks. In this episode we were fortunate to talk to her about; How Julia got into Law Getting to work for the UN as one of her dream jobs The transition from Law to Tech Trying to solve the problem of making legal services more accessible. Legal being behind most int tech but them making up that time now and how they are doing it. A big push on client/customer experience Creating her first, award winning, business (Crowd Justice) The UK being ahead of many with the safeguards we have Helping law firms become digital with the creation of her business Legl Building a great team around her to ensure success For all of this and more, hit play and enjoy!

  • Tom Lavery - CEO and Founder - Jiminny - building high performance with sales
    by rmg digital on 24 January 2023 at 07:30

    In this episode we speak to Tom Lavery, CEO and Founder of sales software company Jiminny. This episode is packed full of insight into building a great sales culture.  We talk about; Toms's career running and building high-performing sales teams Simplifying the day to day The importance of relationships How Jiminny is helping sales teams be better Knowing your customers Making incremental changes to increase performance What's in store for 2023 in software sales. So for all of this and loads more learns, hit play and take a listen.

  • Rob Sewell - CEO - Smartframe Technologies - Turning an early vision into a reality
    by rmg digital on 16 January 2023 at 08:23

    In this episode, we talk to Rob Sewell, CEO of Smartframe Technologies. We talk about; his vision of where he wanted to go in life, which he had from a very young age different lessons he's learnt along the way his humble beginnings and different ventures having a mindset that has enabled him to succeed the power of networking some techniques he's used to help him get to where he is now So for all this and lots more tune in now.

  • John Readman Founder at Ask Bosco & Modo25 - Making better spending decisions with AI
    by rmg digital on 3 January 2023 at 07:24

    In this episode, we talk to John Readman - Founder of Ask Bosco a software platform that helps companies make better spending decisions for online marketing. We discuss;  ✅Bosco and how the platform works   ✅John being part of companies that have scaled and sold on numerous occasions   ✅His cycling charity and their ride from London to Australia   ✅Starting out in events, leading to sales and marketing   ✅The current state of the Retail market and where it might be going   So, sit back and enjoy this episode for all of this and lots more.

  • Vivi Friedgut - CEO and Founder of Blackbullion - Failing at Failing
    by rmg digital on 14 December 2022 at 07:45

    In this episode, Rupert talks to Vivi Friedgut CEO and Founder of Blackbullion about her journey where she's failed to fail! They talk about; The importance of sales skills What good sales skills look like Building relationships and solving problems The advance of AI An obsession with Financial literacy How Blackbullion is helping young people understand the financial decisions they make Preparing for the future. For all of this and LOTS more, hit play and take a listen.

  • Antony Thompson - Co-Founder at Loopin - From Royal Marine to Tech Founder - life in the "real" world
    by rmg digital on 8 December 2022 at 08:00

    In this episode, Rupert talks to Antony Thompson, former Royal Marine about his journey to becoming a tech founder. They talk about Antony's time in the marines, along with him founding Loopin with a fellow former marine Ben Williams.    Talking about the challenges that face anyone coming out of the forces as well as what Antony did to overcome these. Including life in the "real world". As well as this they discuss Loopin's mission to provide managers with the ability to prevent burnout and staff turnover. Discussing the importance of not only hiring right but retaining those people.  For all of this and lots more check it out and hit play now!

  • Felix Atkin - Founder at Sharesy - The power of community
    by rmg digital on 1 December 2022 at 08:13

    In this week's episode, we talk to Felix Atkin - Founder of Sharesy about the power of community. We discuss; Sharesy - what the platform is about, where the idea came from and how it's helping people and their community  The investment choices Felix has taken so far The power of community and opportunity for growth Getting the right people into a start-up and what to look for when hiring The pressure of being a (solo) founder For all of this and lots more hit play now to check it out!

  • Mark Stephens - Founding Director at Smart Recruit Online. From 2 million to 8 million in just 12 months
    by rmg digital on 24 November 2022 at 07:30

    In this episode, Rupert talks to Mark Stephens, Founding Director at Smart Recruit Online.   They discuss;    His career so far – moving from Rec Agency to Fixed Price Recruitment Services to Technology.   The elements that he would do differently – his failures and how he learned from them   Preparing for a downturn   How he took his company from a 2 million to an 8 million valuation in 12 months The mentality around funding and when to get it  What characteristics make a good founder For all this and more hit play now! 

  • Tommy Toner - Co-Founder and VP of Product at Cuckoo - An Eggs-traordinary journey
    by rmg digital on 6 April 2022 at 06:00

    In this episode, we speak to Tommy Toner - Co-Founder and VP of Product at Cuckoo. Cuckoo is looking to change the landscape of the broadband world. By changing a few simple things they are already leading the way as a challenger to some of the major players in this space. We talk about; How they came together as founders Looking to break the traditional mould Coming up with the Brand The Cukoo Compass (Their Principals) Hiring the right people So for all this and lot's more hit play now!

  • James Roycroft-Davis - GetWelp - What being a founder is REALLY like!
    by rmg digital on 24 February 2022 at 07:00

    In this episode, we talk to entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of GetWelp, James Roycroft about his journey so far in finding his way as a young founder. We talk about;  The broken system post school Starting in recruitment  Founding a business with his mum Everyone only portraying positives and the damage that social media can cause Getting his mental health back on track Starting his own podcast and getting to speak to world class sports people and TV presenters Working out market fit for GetWelp and finding the ideal Co-Founder So for all this and much more then plug in and enjoy. 

  • Trenton Moss - Partner at Team Sterka - Creating a world where people skills are accessible to all
    by rmg digital on 11 January 2022 at 09:02

    In this episode, we talk to Trenton Moss, Partner at Team Sterka and former founder of Webcredible. We cover; The rollercoaster ride of setting up Webcredible Finding UX by accident and being driven by a passion for the customer How the UX Industry has changed The race to the bottom so time to get out Turning a loss-making business around Being acquired by a larger business Why Team Sterka has been set up People skills are being overlooked as training points. Creating a world where everyone has access to leadership and people skills development Writing his book  Making himself redundant So for all of this and plenty more, hit play and check it out!

  • Adit Trivedi - Co-Founder and CEO at Kaizera - part 2 of the journey...
    by rmg digital on 13 December 2021 at 06:00

    In this episode, we have an in-person interview with Adit Trivedi Co-Founder and CEO at Kaizera (also former Co-Founder of Lingumi). Over a cold beer we discuss; Why he moved on from his last business The story behind Kaizera Going for a raise  What he's learnt from doing it once What he will do differently this time around The importance of a great team Helping people find purpose in the work they do So for all of this and loads more, grab a drink, relax and enjoy!