Understanding user needs, wants and empathy in your recruitment process

2 March 2022

When it comes to recruiting for your business, there are always arguments for handling the function in-house. After all, no one has a stronger handle on what your business needs than your own managers. Your management team are also best placed to create a recruitment function that works for the unique needs of your operation. And there is – potentially – an ability to operate fast and without delays.

However, the reality for most firms is that recruiting is incredibly time-consuming and it is also a fast-paced industry that is evolving at a dizzying rate of change. Candidates expect more, tech solutions are paving the way for greater efficiencies and topics such as employer branding, employer engagement and cyclical recruitment are preoccupying most forward-thinking recruitment teams.

Expertise is always essential to successful recruitment- backed up with the latest technologies, systems and processes. And these are difficult to resource internally, with the need for constant training, development, market insight and investment.

Ultimately, successful recruiting in today’s day and age relies on more than simply being good at delivery.


Why do today’s recruiters need to know their clients?


When web designers build an app, website or system, they spend a significant amount of preparatory time researching user needs and personas. When marketers plan a campaign, they do the same, seeking to understand the wants and needs of their customers and to gain empathy for their needs.

Recruiters must apply the same discipline to their work and really get to know, understand and empathise with their clients. This means understanding their current frustrations, their goals and their long-term ambitions. These are hugely important to know to really know each candidate – and each client – and provide a perfect fit for both.

But even if you are a tech-led digital and technology recruiter such as RMG Digital, you still need to be able to add the personal touch as well. Successful recruiting requires a blend of relationships, deep understanding and the right application of technology.


At rmg digital, we really work to get to know our clients. We seek to understand them, to empathise with their challenges and goals, and to know what drives them. we work to provide the personal touch and to create connections that result in valuable outcomes for our clients and their new hires alike.


We believe that, as a leading digital and technology talent solutions provider, we still need to provide the personal touch – and we go above and beyond to do so, prioritising relationships, working to really understand client needs and remembering always that people and those relationships lie at the heart of every successful hire.


Get in touch rmg digital can help you to identify and source the top talent that your organisation needs, whether that is on a temp, perm or contract hire basis. Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your needs on a confidential basis and find out how we can help your business to grow with the right talent at its heart.

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