Equity Investment Market Update Q3 2023: Navigating Through a Candidate-Led Landscape

18 December 2023

Understanding the Highs and Lows of Equity Funding

The third quarter of 2023 has painted a vivid picture of the UK’s high-growth companies in the equity funding arena, characterised by a mix of downturns in deal numbers and surges in investment values. This Beauhurst study-based analysis aligns with RMG Digital’s insights into the ever-evolving UK private sector.


AI: Leading the Charge in Deal Closures

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has continued its dominance in deal closures, a trend likely fuelled by the current hype surrounding AI technologies. This focus on AI signifies a market ripe with opportunities for professionals skilled in cutting-edge tech.


Sector-Specific Trends: Diversified Investments

While Fintech and Cleantech investments saw decreased deal numbers, the total capital raised in these sectors grew annually. This trend aligns with our observations of shifting towards substantial, quality-driven investments.


Stages of Evolution: Growth Stage Gains Momentum

Deals at the growth stage increased by 22%, overshadowing the seed-stage’s significant decrease. This suggests a market preference for backing more established entities, a trend we’ve been capitalising on by supporting startups scale their operations effectively.


Investor Types and Deal Sizes: A Strategic Shift

Private equity and venture capital investors emerged as the most active, reflecting a market preference for seasoned investors. However, the number of gigadeals remained low, indicative of a cautious investment approach.


Conclusion: Talent Pool and Market Shifts in a Candidate-Led Landscape

The equity investment landscape in Q3 2023 is undoubtedly complex yet evolving, especially in the UK’s high-growth sectors. This scenario has profound implications for the talent pool and overall market dynamics, shifting towards a candidate-led landscape ripe with opportunities.

  1. Enhanced Opportunities for Skilled Professionals: The trend towards larger investments, especially in AI, Fintech, and Cleantech, creates a growing demand for skilled professionals capable of driving innovation and growth.
  2. Market Maturation and Its Effect on Talent: The increase in growth-stage deals suggests a maturing market, offering more opportunities in established companies, thus attracting professionals inclined towards stability.
  3. Emergence of a Candidate-Led Market: With increased investment and growth-stage focus, talented individuals now find themselves in a market where they have more leverage and choice.
  4. Diverse Opportunities Across Sectors: Despite downturns in some sectors, flourishing areas like AI and Fintech offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for professionals to leverage their skills in different contexts.
  5. The Role of Digital and Tech Skills: In this tech-influenced landscape, professionals with digital and tech skills are in high demand, as evidenced by RMG Digital’s focus on AI integration into business processes.
  6. Global Reach and Opportunities: The UK market trends resonate globally, presenting professionals with opportunities to explore global roles, expanding their career horizons.

In summary, the equity investment market of Q3 2023, despite its challenges, is shaping a dynamic, candidate-led job market. Professionals equipped with the right skills and adaptability are set to thrive in this environment, benefiting from diverse opportunities and a shift in market dynamics. This is a promising era for those looking to impact the high-growth sectors in the UK and beyond.


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