5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hiring Contractors

13 October 2022


Right now, those looking to hire within the tech industry are facing an unprecedented range of challenges. The current shortage of candidates with the right mix of skill and experience means that those who do excel at their work are able to pick and choose from the many opportunities on offer. Combine this problem with the pressure for businesses to hire fast (whilst getting it right every time) and it’s little wonder that tech recruitment can now be seen as a far from straightforward proposition.


Yet there is a solution to this situation: by choosing to draw on temporary tech contractors, your organisation can access the quality talent it needs, when it needs them. That’s one reason why contract hires are currently on the rise, but if you still need convincing, read on to discover five more.



1- Flexibility Of Hires

The great thing about hiring a contractor is that you can tailor the length of the contract to suit your needs, whether it’s a short issue or a longer-term project. This means not paying for any more work than you need, and better yet, as your contractor will be working flexibly themselves, there’s a higher chance of them being ready to start when you are, with no waiting around for a notice period or gardening leave to be covered. This means that you can scale with optimum agility, a must in today’s fast-paced tech sector.



2- Access Talent With A Wider Skill Set

If you speak to any tech contractor who’s been working for any length of time, you’ll quickly notice that they will have a highly impressive array of skills and experiences. That’s because contractors are regularly moving between jobs and organisations, gathering new competencies with each position. For an employer, this gives you access to a professional with a superb portfolio of capabilities to offer you.



3- Easy On The Budget

Working with a contractor can be a far more cost-effective solution than hiring a permanent employee. Firstly, you will immediately cut out the cost (both financial and in terms of time) that a recruitment and onboarding process inevitably entails. Secondly, if you really only need a person with certain skills for a predictable time frame, for example, overseeing a key digital transformation project, in choosing a contractor, you need only pay for this skill set for as long as you need it.



4- A Trial Run

With a short contract in place, you don’t need to feel the pressure that all too often accompanies making a permanent hire: that is, that you’ve made the wrong choice. After all, a bad hire can cost in more ways than one. In addition to the need to re-run the recruitment process, you will also likely end up reaping the negative effect on team morale.



5- Speed To Hire

By choosing to hire a contractor, you can achieve the best “speed to hire” metrics, saving you money and getting your project underway quickly. Simply put, with a contractor, you can cut the costly downtime and maximise the resources you have to ensure your project is successfully delivered on time.



Partner With The Experts

You can unlock the potential of working with contractors by partnering with the specialist talent partner in tech sector recruitment. Our high-quality contractors are ready to fill your vacancies, driving the results your business needs and saving you time and money in the process.


Why not get in touch today, and discover how RMG Digital can transform your hiring.

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