The ultimate tips to recruiting UX designers from job advert to interview

30 September 2021

Right now, it has never been harder for those looking to recruit a UX designer to their team. And if you (naturally) hope to attract and hire the very best of the available talent out there, then the challenge becomes considerably greater. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this issue. Partnering with RMG Digital, leading design talent specialists in the technology industry, can take away the stress of your hiring process, by giving you access to our impressive talent pools. And for more tips, read on to discover the best ways to recruit in this candidate led market.

Narrow The Field

Whilst it’s true that candidates are currently in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose their jobs, it’s important that their prospective employers don’t waste their time (and resources) by pursuing people who won’t be suitable for the role they have to offer. Therefore, it’s essential to start the recruitment process off by taking the time to consider the precise set of skills, characteristics, and other criteria that you want to see in your ideal applicant. Looking carefully at the project or type of work in question can provide many of the answers. What deliverables will you want to see, and what skills should be prioritised? It might be that you need a designer with a specific specialism, or it may be more important to hire a strategic problem solver rather than an agile collaborative worker.

Target Your Search

Once you know just what your ideal applicant looks like, you can begin to search for them. One of the very best talent resources to tap into is also free of charge: looking to your network, and the people you already know. Asking around, or making a list of potential candidates can be highly effective, and even if your chosen individual is unavailable or unsuitable for the project in question, they could well be able to refer you to another designer who is ideal. Make contact with dedicated UX online communities, too, such as Dribbble and Awwwards, and Behance. Finally, rather than post your job advert on generic job boards, select a UX specific one.

Get The Best From Interviews

The challenge isn’t over once you have a shortlist ready to interview. Now is the time to hone your questions, with a view to giving the candidate space to expand on their relevant skills and experience. After all, the more they talk, the better you can gauge if they are right for your vacancy. Look at their portfolio, but ask them what they feel is their best work, too, and why. This can help to show whether their priorities align with your own.

Make Light Work Of Your Hiring Process

Of course, the simplest and most effective method of attracting and hiring the perfect UX professional is to outsource the task to the experts at RMG Digital. With years of experience and a passion for delivering the very best talent with our unbeatable comprehensive service and value, it’s the smart way to take the guesswork out of recruitment. Why not get in touch today on 020 3800 1118 and discover how we can help you?

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