Is there the option to work remotely?

24 March 2020

It’s often something that we recruiters hear time and time again and in the fast-moving tech world this request is seemingly more common. That got me thinking. Is this just a phase or is this movement that we will all be working remotely in the next 10 years?

Now I’m currently writing this blog from home so the short answer to this question shows that it’s possible to get work done when away from the office. I as many other workers can sometimes find being in the office a distraction when I need to get something like this done. I feel that this rule can apply to lots of Tech lead positions when people are coding or creating UI Design or writing copy…

However, with the continued rise of Agile I can’t see the need for collaboration going anywhere soon. Yes, there are many tools such as Skype, Google Hang Out, Slack Etc, however in my humble opinion nothing beats getting people together to discuss issues and any great ideas.

After thinking about this for the last few days and discussing with others I’ve come to the conclusion that yes there are certainly benefits to having the option of working from home occasionally. Yet I still believe in 10 years… no wait 30 years’ time we will still all be going into an office (perhaps not in the same set up as current times) to practice our professions.

Do you have any stories or opinions about working from home? If so get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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