Job Advert Checklist

9 February 2022
Job Advert Checklist

The recruitment process doesn’t begin with reading CVs or interviewing prospective candidates. It starts with your job advert. Many employers underestimate the power of a strong job advert. Get it right and you’ll attract the cream of the crop, meaning you’ll have a much stronger talent pool from which to choose.


Job title

The job title needs to be clear and accurate as this is the very first thing that potential applicants will be searching for. Avoid unnecessary jargon and keep SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind. If the job has multiple possible titles then you should choose the most common. Many roles will also allow you to be more specific as to your requirements by adding ‘senior’ or ‘junior’.#


Job description

A good job description should cover all the key responsibilities and day-to-day requirements of the role. This will help potential applicants decide whether they think they are up for the task. It is also helpful to include an ideal candidate specification alongside the job description, to provide transparency about the standard you are looking for.



The best candidates know what they’re looking for in a job, so you must ensure you’re being clear about what you can offer as an employer. State the pay clearly. Make it clear if the pay your offer is set in stone, or if there is room for negotiation based upon qualifications and experience. If there are financial incentives, such as bonuses upon completion of a probationary period, be sure to include them. Remember, the top talent will also be considering a range of factors such as progression opportunities, workplace pensions, and flexible working arrangements, not just pay.


Company culture

As the famous saying goes, find a job you love and never work a day in your life again. Does your company have annual team building days? Perhaps your company takes pride in recognising and rewarding its staff for hard work and achievement? You’ll want to appeal to your perfect candidates by promoting your workplace as a friendly, welcoming, and supportive environment that anyone would feel lucky to work in.


Career prospects

The type of candidate you want to attract is the kind of person that will almost certainly have a five-year career progression plan. So, what can you offer them? Are there annual reviews where employers can be guided to work towards promotion to more challenging roles? Perhaps you can provide the opportunity to work towards qualifications on the job?


Inclusive language and good practice

Ensure that your job advert encourages diversity through inclusive language, this can stop you from losing on out on hiring the best people. A great way to root out any subconscious bias during the recruitment process is to remove gendered words from your advert where possible as it can dissuade people from applying if they feel the job is not directed at them.


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