Three Things You Need To Do To Reduce Your Time To Hire

10 January 2022

Three Things You Need To Do To Reduce Your Time To Hire

Simply put, time to hire is the total of days it takes to hire a candidate, from when their application is received to when they sign on the dotted line. Reducing this period is vitally important because the best candidates will have multiple options, and if your application process is too lengthy or convoluted, they may well go elsewhere. The longer your business’ time to hire, the more your cost-per-hire expenses will be, and it can even damage your business’s reputation. Dissatisfied candidates may leave negative reviews on job search sites, which could make potential applicants think twice about going after a role in your company. In the search for new talent, you should keep in mind your current team too. Every day that you are waiting to fill your vacancies is another day that your employees will have to take on extra work; this can lead to poor staff morale and inefficiency as they remain overstretched.

Did you know that only 30% of businesses fill a role within 30 days? Lengthy time to hire is a common and expensive problem. The following is a brief summary as to the three things you need to today to reduce your time to hire.

1, Be clear and transparent with your recruitment needs

This is where your job description and person specifications come into play. When these are clear, you will automatically sift out underqualified applicants, so you need to make it obvious what are your non-negotiable requirements and what are desirable qualities. Be sure to entice the cream of the crop by listing a few of the key benefits or perks of working for your business. Another great way to ensure you are reaching the right candidates is through an employee referral scheme. Creating a reward scheme for employees who refer the most candidates who go on to be employed is a fantastic path to hiring success.

2, Have a simple and organised structure to your hiring process

Remember, if your hiring process involves multiple steps, such as assessments, questionnaires, aptitude tests and trial pieces, be sure to be upfront about the process with the applicant. Provide them with a step-by-step breakdown of the hiring process including timeframes. Otherwise, the candidate may feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Investing in pre-employment assessment software is a good time-saving option if you are hiring large numbers of candidates at once.

3, Be forthcoming with the contract

Once you have found your ideal candidate, be sure to snap them up before someone else does! Top candidates will be applying for multiple jobs and may even be actively head-hunted. One of the main reasons why candidates turn down job offers after successfully making their way through the application process isn’t because they got a better offer, it’s simply because another company offered them a job first!

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  • ( Did you know that only 30% of businesses fill a role within 30 days?

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