What do candidates want when going for a new job?

7 February 2022

We are currently experiencing a candidate-driven job market, which can pose a significant challenge for those organisations looking to hire. With jobseekers in key industries such as IT and technology able to pick and choose their next role, the onus is on companies to make their proposition as attractive as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways in which this can be achieved.


The Aspects That Matter

The core elements of any job package are, of course, the basic salary and any bonus or benefits such as health insurance or private pension provision, and making sure that these are competitive is an important first step in attracting the talent you need.

However, increasingly, a far wider range of factors are being considered by candidates before they accept an offer of employment at an organisation, and having a clear understanding of these expectations can help your company to stand out against the competition. This can also be good news for smaller enterprises who may not have the big budgets of their more established rivals.

For example, being able to offer flexible working can be a powerful draw for candidates, as the ability to enjoy a better work/life balance is increasingly seen as a priority for many workers. The option to work remotely, or in a hybrid manner, is also attractive for the same reason. Similarly, demonstrating that you will be able to offer your new employee great career opportunities will make your company more appealing, even if you cannot necessarily afford to match a higher salary offered elsewhere. Offering diverse, challenging projects, along with training and clear chances for career progression can often be seen as more valuable to talented professionals.


A More Holistic View

Indeed, there is an ever-growing focus on company culture which, simply put, refers to establishing the right kind of atmosphere and ethos within your organisation. More than just referring to a positive, friendly workplace environment (although this certainly forms a part of a great company culture), it also includes factors such as supportive, agile leadership, and promoting a communicative and responsive attitude where constructive feedback is welcomed.

Companies should have a clear vision, and a strong set of values, which should resonate with all staff, and help them to feel motivated and committed to the success of the organisation. Basing the company ethos on values such as inclusion, diversity, and sustainability will help to attract similarly-minded professionals as a result. And when this positive company culture is established, it’s essential that it is upheld by being careful to only bring in new hires who will adhere to its values.


Solve Your Recruitment Challenges

Of course, a highly effective way to attract the ideal talent to your business is to turn to the specialists in digital and technology recruitment. At RMG Digital, we can leverage our extensive network of candidates in order to find the people who will be the perfect fit for your team, and deliver the results your organisation needs.


With access to our pool of exceptional applicants, you can be confident of attracting like-minded professionals who will share your vision and help to strengthen your company culture, even in today’s candidate driven market. Why not get in touch today, and discover how RMG Digital can provide your ideal recruitment solution?

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