What do job applicants want?

15 May 2020

What do job applicants want?

Job applicants often have multiple opportunities so the answer to this question can be one that every hirer wishes that they could answer or at very least fulfil. I’m afraid there is no magic answer to this question however what I can do is give a few pointers on how to secure the best talent when you are looking to fill a job.

1) Treat them how you would like to be treated

This is the golden rule which I’m sorry to say is broken all too often. Think about how your actions might affect you if the shoe was on the other foot. If you don’t think you’d join a business that treats people in that same way then perhaps it’s time to make a change. If you’re a recruiter then think about the effect this could have on your company’s reputation as well as the client you are recruiting for!

2) Set boundaries on timescales and try to stick to them

Everyone is busy when working and people don’t always have time to respond straight away. However, it’s no secret that people want to feel valued, so don’t let yourself down by not getting back to people in a reasonable timescale. If these timescales change, be sure to let people know the new timescales in place.

3) Communication

This is key at all stages of the process. A huge bugbear from people applying to jobs is that they never know what’s going on or simply don’t hear back. If someone has taken the time to come in for an interview you should ensure you at very least get back to them to let them know if they are a good fit or not. Feedback is always valued too! If a job goes on hold for business reasons, let people know. You never know you might want to hire them in the future and if they’ve had a bad experience with no communication they are likely not to apply again!

4) Offer development and growth

People want to go into a role where they can have some form of personal development. No one likes to stand still for too long, so the opportunity to grow with a business can make all the difference in some applying or not. If you are looking to employ people to a technical team then ensure you keep up to date with the latest technology. No one wants to work with something that was popular 5 years ago but is no longer used elsewhere!

5) Offer a realistic package with real benefits

It’s understood that not every company is going to be able to offer huge sums of money to get people in and the good news is you don’t have to either. What you must do though is offer a salary or day rate that is in line with the market. You shouldn’t expect a Ferrari for the same money as a Skoda (not that I have anything against Skoda)! If you offer benefits, make sure they are REAL Benefits and not simply a legal requirement too…

Overall people want to work in an environment where they can go in each day and feel valued. If you can show this from the first steps in the hiring process, you’re on the road to recruitment success!

Are you looking for your next job (Check out our current jobs here)? If so we would love to hear from you on what you look for from a hirer or a recruiter! What have I missed out that you look for?

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