The Rise of The Growth Designer

10 August 2023

In the constantly evolving landscape of design, new roles and terminologies often emerge that redefine the way we approach and perceive our work. One such buzzword that has recently entered the lexicon is “Growth Designer”. But what does it mean, and how does it differ from the familiar roles we know?


A Growth Designer is a strategic contributor to the product development and optimisation process. They carry a broad spectrum of skills: product strategy, interaction, visual and UX design, data analysis, a strong business flair, and user empathy. Growth Designers often act as a bridge, equally focused on scaling the business and delivering a user-centric product.


Distinct from traditional design roles, Growth Designers play a multifaceted part within a team. Where a UX designer might focus primarily on improving the user’s interaction with the product, a Growth Designer would consider this along with how the improvement impacts the business’s scalability. They are data-informed and leverage insights to understand user behaviours and influence the design strategy accordingly.


While many businesses could benefit from the expertise of a Growth Designer, it’s particularly relevant for businesses in their growth stage. Such companies often grapple with the challenge of maintaining a balance between scaling up and retaining their user-centric approach. A Growth Designer steps into this gap, contributing a unique blend of design acumen, user empathy, and business understanding.


What could a Growth Designer contribute to a project/company? They bring a valuable perspective that binds business objectives with user-centric design. This holistic approach could translate into better user retention, improved user experience, more informed decision-making, and ultimately, sustainable growth.


A Growth Designer should ideally have a strong foundation in UX and visual design, but they must also have an analytical mind to interpret data and a keen business sense to align the design strategy with the company’s growth objectives. It’s a role that demands both technical proficiency and a deep understanding of the business context.


At RMG Digital, we recognise the growing importance of roles like the Growth Designer. We’re committed to helping both candidates and clients navigate these new waters and find the perfect match for their needs.


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Ready to embrace the rise of the Growth Designer? Reach out to us at RMG Digital today, and let’s start the conversation.



-The demand for growth designers is growing rapidly. A recent survey by InVision found that 70% of companies are planning to hire a growth designer in the next year.

-Growth designers are highly compensated. The average salary for a growth designer is $100,000 per year, with some experienced professionals earning upwards of $150,000.

-Growth designers have a wide range of skills. In addition to UX design and data analysis, growth designers need to be proficient in product management, marketing, and analytics.

-Growth designers are in high demand by startups and tech companies. These companies are looking for growth designers who can help them scale their businesses and achieve their growth goals.

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