5 Top Hiring and Recruitment Trends for 2023

14 December 2022

Despite the challenges that we have all faced over the last few years, workplaces across all industries have evolved significantly and the job market is more competitive than ever before. Candidates are now presented with simpler ways to apply and interview for new roles, which means that businesses need to enhance their hiring strategies moving forwards in order to remain competitive.


Businesses need to use this time to devise robust hiring strategies that will allow for the successful onboarding of the highest quality talent, which will help drive overall business success over the next 12 months.


If you want to make some refinements to your tech recruitment strategy, here are some of the hiring and recruitment trends that you might want to adopt as we move into 2023.


Building Brand Awareness


Yes, branding was once solely a marketing concern. However, to stand out in a competitive hiring landscape, you need to leverage branding strategies to enhance awareness of your company.


If you don’t have a strong, immediately recognisable brand, you are going to find it difficult to capture the attention of top talent entering the recruitment pool. One of the best ways to approach this recruitment tactic is to engage with your current workforce because potential employees will want to hear the thoughts and experiences from current employees within your team.


Developing a Positive Candidate Experience


At a time when candidates have their pick of roles and employers, you need to ensure that your business is standing out for the right reasons. Rather than walking into an interview concerned with how their new potential employer is viewing them, candidates are instead asking themselves whether they like the company and whether it can deliver the workplace experience they are looking for.


Communication is an essential component of a positive candidate experience, but so is organisation, so it is important to ensure that your interviewers are prepared and that every aspect of your hiring process is as transparent as possible.


Offering an Appealing Hybrid Working Model


While the traditional central workplace model was once accepted as the norm, the post-pandemic working landscape now looks very different. Many workers have become accustomed to working from home but also want the option to go into an office to experience the social and team working aspects of a professional working environment.

Businesses that fail to offer at least some flexibility here will struggle to engage with top talent so it is important to carefully consider which type of hybrid working model will best suit your business and the candidates you want to attract.


Highlighting your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy


Businesses that fail to invest in a strong diversity, equality and inclusion strategy will find it difficult to compete with the most innovative companies because inclusion is the basis of advancement. To ensure that you are attracting diverse applicants, you will need to leverage a range of tactics, including sourcing talent from numerous pools, developing an inclusive internship program, and enhancing your approach to networking.


Setting Out your Values and Ethos


Every successful business has a strong set of values that are clearly communicated during their hiring process because it allows them to connect with candidates that share their ethos and vision for the future.


But in addition to simply setting out your core values, it is even more beneficial to put together a recruitment process that reflects those values. This will mean slightly different things to different businesses, but may include ensuring that the interview process provides candidates with the opportunity to experience the culture of your workplace and really get a feel for what you can offer that’s different from every one of your competitors.


When it comes to innovative recruitment trends 2023 is set to transform hiring processes across numerous sectors forever. At RMG Digital, we are ahead of the curve and have already embedded these tactics into the services we offer to our clients. So, if you want to find out more about how we can help you to address your recruitment needs in 2023 and beyond, please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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