Culture fit – What qualities do start-up companies look for in design candidates?

4 May 2022

Regardless as to the industry or sector in which a business operates, when it’s time to hire a new member of the team, the firm should have a clear idea in mind of just what the ideal candidate will have to offer. After all, if recruiters are focused on which skills, experience, and other desirable attributes they need to see in their new hire, they can greatly improve their chances of picking the right individual. With experience, it becomes second nature to identify the kind of personalities who will likely be a good fit for the corporate culture.


Hiring for start-ups is trickier

If a business is just starting out, it’s not so straightforward to choose the ideal candidate. The start-up environment will typically require employees who can offer a broader range of adaptable skills, as well as a proactive outlook that ensures they will rise to the challenges of a fledgling business. Hiring new team members for a start-up must be handled with care to encourage the development of the kind of company culture the leadership team wants to foster. The fewer employees, the greater the impact or influence of individual personalities, so each team member must reinforce positive characteristics in the workplace.


Key criteria for design candidates

When it comes to start-ups in the world of design, there are certain qualities that help to create an effective team in these early days of the business. Perhaps the most important amongst these is passion and drive: enthusiasm for the job will not only help projects succeed but will also contribute to the motivation of everybody around them. When a start-up has fewer members of staff, the presence of employees with plenty of passion and drive will certainly help to keep morale high during busy periods and long working hours.

Start-up leaders need candidates with a flexible approach, too. The chances are that as a young company, not all of its operational bases will be covered right away, so a candidate who will cheerfully turn their hand to new tasks will be a significant advantage. In turn, the payoff for this kind of employee is that they will have an unparalleled opportunity to gain new experience and develop their responsibilities, helping to turbo-charge their careers.

With a wide variety of extra duties to be covered, a candidate needs a great attitude towards responsibility. Every team member will need to be able to work autonomously, using their initiative and be held to account for their element of the business’s success. Candidates who can handle this level of responsibility will make for a more productive working environment, rather than leaving others to deal with the inefficiency of an employee who needs a significant level of hand-holding.


Don’t forget creativity

Working at a start-up is synonymous with innovation and dynamism and this means that creativity is particularly important. The ideal candidate will generate the fresh ideas needed to move the business forward and will not be afraid of taking risks. Being positive and resilient is a must, as is a readiness to confidently come forward with new initiatives again and again. There should be a keenness to learn, adapt and grow, ensuring that the new hire evolves along with the company. For those with the right personality, working at a design start-up can be a hugely rewarding choice.


Your route to start-up recruitment

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