Five top questions to ask at an interview

11 November 2021

Interviews can be a daunting and nerve-shredding process; however, when done right, they can at best help you to land your dream job and at worst give you valuable experience and skills for the future.

It is important to remember that an interview is a two-way process. Although it might feel like you are the one being questioned, it is also essential that you seek information from the people interviewing you so that you can make the decision as to whether the job in question is the right fit. Asking questions shows engagement, initiative, and a genuine desire to know more about the job and, more specifically, what your role entails. It is essential that you make the most of the all-important Q&A section that usually falls at the end of the interview, so what are the key questions you should ask potential employers?

What does the job entail?

You should know the main points of the job role from the job description, but use this time to find out more about the day-to-day responsibilities and routine of the position. Writer Annie Dillard says that ‘how we spend our days is how we spend our lives’, so it is important that you understand the practical and logistical daily tasks associated with the role fully. It is also a good opportunity to learn about any elements of the role that are not listed or you don’t understand.

What is the company like?

Your job search is primarily about finding the right role for you; in addition, it is about finding the right company. It helps to do your preparation prior to the interview so that you already have a basic understanding of the aims, objectives and ethos of the company. Does it align with your views and ambitions? Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer about their experience of working for the company, as you may be able to gauge their true feelings from their response. Are they passionate and driven, or does enthusiasm not flow quite so freely? Asking about the future of the company may also help to give you an insight into the stability and future aims of the business whilst indicating that you are invested in a long-term position.

What are the requirements?

It is also important to establish whether you are qualified and experienced enough to do the job. Some people have excellent interview skills and can talk themselves into a job they are unable to fulfil, which is a waste of everyone’s time. Be clear about the job specification, qualifications, and any training required prior to the start date. Is this training provided by the company? These are important questions that will enable you to understand whether you are ready for the position.

Who will you be working with?

The people you work with will constitute much of your day-to-day life at the company. Although you won’t fully understand the personalities and dynamics until you join the company, you can garner knowledge on the set-up of the team, how much you will be expected to work as a team as against individually, and how the structure of the team works in line your job role.

Is there potential for progression?

Asking about future progression opportunities is a common and invaluable question, as it gives you an idea as to if and how you can climb the career ladder. It also shows employers that you are driven, ambitious and already thinking about your next move. Ask about the accessibility of the company’s learning and development programme, as this will give you an insight into how keen it is for employees to progress.

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