How head hunters can turbocharge your recruitment

1 December 2021

Recruitment is a vital part of any business’s growth; however, it’s an area that’s full of uncertainty and demands extensive resources in terms of both time and finances. Whether you’re handling your own recruitment in-house, or you plan to outsource it to a specialised recruitment consultancy, there is no quick and easy process. Sadly, a situation where you simply advertise a job, receive a flood of exceptional applications and then immediately identify the ideal candidate, does not exist.

This is especially the case when you are looking to hire in a candidate-led market, as the tech sector currently is. With a depleted talent pool, finding the perfect candidate requires even more time, focus and energy. Not to mention an alternative approach.

The problem with traditional approaches to recruiting for any role, regardless of sector, is that it relies on applications from interested candidates. Those candidates are going to be the ones who are looking to find alternative employment and are therefore likely to be applying for a multitude of vacancies, not just yours. As a result, you are automatically not tapping in to the wide number of highly qualified and experienced professionals who could be perfect for the role – purely because they’re not actively seeking a new position.

This is where the expertise of a head hunter comes in to play. As a hiring manager, you are unlikely to have an extensive network of professionals, within your sector, who you’re able to approach when a vacancy becomes available. Morally, should you be approaching the staff of your competitors anyway? It’s a very complex situation and one you need an expert to navigate on your behalf.

Head hunters already have a solid network of individuals they can approach when it comes to helping their client’s source the right talent. They understand the needs of their client’s business, and are dedicated to finding that perfect fit, rather than simply making up the numbers in a wider recruitment drive.

As a result of the genuine relationships head hunters have with their talent pools, they can take details of your job opportunity to those who wouldn’t normally be aware of it – purely because they are not actively seeking employment. It means that your vacancy will be showcased to a much wider range of individuals, some of whom may come from a less traditional background, and therefore have a wider range of talent and skills to bring to the table.

As a hiring manager, you are of course going to want to see an up-to-date portfolio from any potential candidates applying for your roles; however, a head hunter will understand this is not always possible. Undoubtedly, their recommendations will always be to encourage their network to keep their portfolios up to date, even if they are not actively seeking a new position, but this doesn’t always happen. In such situations, head hunters can help identify the pertinent areas that you need to consider when determining suitability for a role, despite the lack of a full portfolio of evidence-based experience.

Here at rmg digital, we have a wealth of experience working to our clients’ briefs when it comes to sourcing the best talent. This includes individuals whose CVs and LinkedIn profiles may not have been updated for years. We know how to look beyond this to find the hidden gold, which means you don’t have to spend your own resources on searching. We will find you the best of the best and make sure you don’t miss the perfect hire.

rmg digital offers a complete recruitment service, assisting with all aspects of the process from composing job advertisements, when traditional methods are appropriate, to proactive headhunting when they are not.
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