How to Enhance Your Candidate Experience

2 August 2022

The recruitment process is expensive and time-consuming with a constant worry about the outcome. With all that to contend with, it can be easy to forget the pressures on the candidate. They invest a great deal of time and emotional energy into the application and interview process so it’s essential to give them the best possible candidate experience.


This is how the candidate perceives the entire process, from job advertisements, online applications and automated responses to their interactions with recruiters and interviewers. Throughout the process, every candidate will make judgments about the company and if their experience is a bad one, it might persuade them not to accept your offer. Even if they do accept, it’s not a memory you want them to carry into their employment because it strikes all the wrong notes. At the same time, candidates who aren’t successful are likely to share their negative impression with friends and colleagues and the wider social media world.


So how can you ensure the candidate experience is a good one at each stage of the application process? The general principle is always to see it from the candidate’s point of view. As for specifics, here are a few which, in our experience, make all the difference.


Job Description

This might seem a chore but to the candidates, it is a vital document that should give them a clear idea as to what you’re looking for, whether they would be suitable and what they could expect in the job. Avoid generic content and generalisations. You should give the reader all the information they need accurately to assess their suitability. Explain not only what the role entails but also how it fits into your operation and the value it represents for the company. Even if you aren’t comfortable naming a salary range, be as detailed as you can about your employee offer.




This is an area where many employers fall short. A frequent complaint of candidates, successful and unsuccessful, is that they’re not kept fully informed of developments. For a busy employer, it can be easy to overlook this expectation, but it’s worth taking the trouble to prioritise communication. Make sure you’re clear about the shape of the process, how many interviews and why, the length of time candidates can expect to wait between stages and the reasons for any unexpected delays. Information gives reassurance and the fact that you offer it demonstrates respect.




Keep the number of interviews to the absolute minimum. Make sure each one you hold has a specific purpose so you’re not simply covering the same ground or letting different colleagues ask the same questions. Explain to the candidates the focus of each interview. There’s no advantage in keeping them guessing – an interview is supposed to give you insights, not show how candidates react in unpredictable situations. Think carefully about the questions and ask only those that you expect to yield useful answers. Avoid trick questions or anything designed to throw a candidate off balance. You’ll learn nothing and they’ll just get irritated. Above all avoid interview fatigue.




The candidate experience doesn’t end once the job offer is made and accepted. That’s the end of the recruitment element, but just as important is the onboarding process. This is much more than a standard induction, concerned with paperwork and fire drills. A good onboarding experience will make the new employee feel accepted into the team and empowered to get started on the duties they’ve been entrusted with. Question and answer sessions, training, mentoring, shadowing and feedback are all parts of the exercise. Make it a happy experience and your new employee will want to stay; neglect its importance and they could jump ship early, leaving you to start again.


RMG Digital is an experienced talent partner that not only advises you on recruitment best practices but can take control of major functions such as the maintenance of consistent communication, application sorting and screening. We’re here to help you at every step of the way as we have been for hundreds of satisfied clients in the past.

Please get in touch today and find out more about how we can help design the perfect candidate experience.

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