Recruiting To Deliver The Latest UX Trends

2 March 2022

The area of user experience (or UX, as it’s better known) is constantly evolving, and for app development companies, staying up to date with all the latest trends is integral to staying successful. Of course, as new trends emerge, it’s likely that your business will need to introduce new talent in order to deliver the new functionalities and features your clients expect. This kind of specialised recruitment can present its own significant challenge.

The Key Trends In 2022

Right now, several exciting new UX trends have already been identified for 2022. Many of these reflect the evolution in smartphone and tablet technology (such as the growth of apps that adapt to the unique nature of “foldable” tech screens), whilst other trends reflect the need to introduce fresh new ways for users to interact with their applications, such as air gesture control. This trend sees the user move their hands or use other bodily gestures to control an app, which is enabled by devices equipped with a dedicated motion radar technology. In this way, users can simply display their palm to their smartphone in order to open the camera function in selfie mode or use gestures such as waving or pinching to replace tactile swiping or resizing behaviours.

Whilst this advanced new technology is currently only found in Google’s Pixel 4 device, the signs are clear that other manufacturers are looking to follow suit, making it essential that app development companies have the talent they need to implement it in their work.

The Customer Is Key

One aspect of app design which is always a crucial consideration is, of course, the customer, and 2022 sees a raft of new trends designed to materially improve the convenience and satisfaction for app users. The use of passwordless authentication is on the rise, which relies on biometrics to replace the need for users to remember a traditional password or code. Not only is this technology more secure (a biometric marker such as a fingerprint cannot be forged, after all), but it also affords customers a great deal more convenience, eliminating the need to think of and then recall multiple passwords every day. The task for developers will be to select the most appropriate of these authentication approaches (facial or fingerprint recognition, iris scans, or pattern swiping, for example).

Personalisation continues to be a major trend this year, as businesses increasingly recognise its power in driving brand loyalty and conversions. Part of this should include a recognition of users with different needs, such as the visually impaired, in order to ensure inclusivity. Integrating this kind of sensory, emotive UX experience is becoming an integral part of successful app design and having the teams who can deliver this is essential.

Finding Your Ideal Talent Solution

So, how do you go about finding the talent that will be so essential to delivering on these trends in 2022? The answer is found in partnering with specialists. At rmg digital, we understand the ever-evolving nature of app design, and can provide the resourcing solution your business needs in order to stay ahead of the competition.

By putting you in touch with candidates with a proven track record as the best in their field, you can face the future with confidence, ready to take on any fresh innovation in UX design. Why not get in touch with rmg digital today, at or 020 3800 1118, and discover how we can create your ideal talent solution?

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