Freelancing in 2024: What’s Changing and Why It Matters

The world of freelancing and contracting is evolving rapidly, with 2024 poised to bring about significant shifts that will impact professionals in this space. In a recent article by Simply Business, titled “2024 Predictions: 6 Trends for Freelancers and Contractors,” several key trends were highlighted. In this blog, we’ll explore

Addressing Skills Gaps in 2024: A Key to Enhancing Staff Retention

Let’s dive into 2024 and chat about something super important for any team, especially those in design, product, and software engineering – tackling skills gaps to keep your amazing staff around for the long haul. It’s not just about filling empty seats; it’s really about nurturing and growing your team’s

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering

While the idea of artificially intelligent machines has been around for many years, it is only recently that we have started to see real-world applications taking shape. This is particularly true in the domain of software engineering. Introduction to AI in Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of

Unlocking the Future: Top 10 Tech Trends for 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. As we venture into 2024, it’s crucial to be aware of the trends that will shape the tech industry in the coming year. While drawing insights from renowned sources like Gartner and SD Times, we’ve compiled a

The Product Manager’s Guide to Effective Resourcing

Product managers are responsible for the success of a product, from its conception to launch and beyond. This means they need to have a deep understanding of the product, the market, and the resources available to them. One of the most important aspects of product management is effective resourcing. This

The Importance of Effective Resourcing for Product Managers

Product managers play a critical role in the success of any digital product. They are responsible for defining the product vision, gathering requirements, and overseeing the development process. To be successful, product managers need to have the right resources available to them. What is effective resourcing? Effective resourcing is the

The Evolution of Product Management: Navigating the Digital Product Landscape

Product management – a crucial function that shapes the direction and success of any company. It’s a discipline that continues to evolve, adapting to technological advancements, market changes, and consumer behaviour. Historically, product management revolved around tangible products. A product manager would create strategies and make decisions based on consumer

The Rise of The Growth Designer

In the constantly evolving landscape of design, new roles and terminologies often emerge that redefine the way we approach and perceive our work. One such buzzword that has recently entered the lexicon is “Growth Designer”. But what does it mean, and how does it differ from the familiar roles we

Designing a Better “Human Experience” For Your UX Team

There’s no denying that the technological advancements of recent years have delivered some incredible benefits to the UX design process. Yet it is vital that one key fact is not forgotten: to create a truly great user experience, the human element must still be prioritised. After all, the products that

How To Use ChatGPT As A UI-UX Designer

There’s certainly been no shortage of buzz surrounding the latest version of AI powered ChatGPT, or ChatGPT4. Indeed, since the release of the fourth version of the AI tool, there have been significant concerns from those working in a variety of creative industries and sectors, who fear that the technology

Tips for Thriving in Uncertain Times

Economic downturns and recessions can be daunting for professionals across various industries, including design. In uncertain times, designers must take proactive measures to stay ahead and remain in demand. Here are some valuable tips on how to despite economic challenges: 1. Diversify your skillset: In times of economic uncertainty, having