How to Enhance Your Candidate Experience

The recruitment process is expensive and time-consuming with a constant worry about the outcome. With all that to contend with, it can be easy to forget the pressures on the candidate. They invest a great deal of time and emotional energy into the application and interview process so it’s essential

Balancing Candidate Salary Expectations Against Your Company Budget

With so much talk of a candidate-driven market, it’s not surprising if some job applicants set themselves unrealistic expectations as to the kind of salary they can command. Even with a skills shortage, companies have to make their numbers work and if their only strategy for attracting the most talented

How To Showcase Your Talent When You’ve Signed A Non-Disclosure Agreement

The digital and technology world is fast paced, competitive and continually developing and this is why many businesses in this field require their employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when they start working with them. The NDA that you sign is a legally binding contract which prohibits you from

How To Get Your Job Application Noticed

In a competitive marketplace, applying for jobs can be a soul-destroying task and nobody likes being ignored or rejected, but there are some simple things that you can do to improve your chances of success.   It is important that your application and CV stand out for all the right

The Importance of Being Clear on Your Vision

Entrepreneurs talk frequently about the vision behind their success. This isn’t to devalue the hard work and harsh practicalities involved in establishing a sound footing for a startup, but it does identify the crucial component that no business founder can do without. Vision isn’t just a foundational element which can

Building Products in Web3

If you’ve heard people talk about Web3 but you don’t quite know what it is, or if you’ve never come across the term at all, you may want to invest some time in getting to grips with it. In the tech industry, the evolution of the internet has been identified

How to Attract Candidates to Your Roles

The secrets of effective hiring are preparation and attraction. To recruit well, you need to appeal to the best candidates and that begins long before a vacancy arises. You need to apply the same principles of your brand marketing in consumer or B2B environments to the development of a unique

The Pros and Cons of an Agile Methodology

In a fast moving and increasingly competitive world, businesses are continually on the lookout for new ways to innovate and thereby optimise their operations. Right now, the latest trend for many organisations is a move towards an agility-centred approach, and it’s clear that adopting this methodology can offer a number

Internal upskilling at rmg digital

Upskilling is a relatively new term applied to a very old practice. The advantage of having a word to describe it is that it focuses the minds of employers on the proactive pursuit of upskilling rather than relying on it to happen organically. Internal training courses have long been a

Understanding user needs, wants and empathy in your recruitment process

When it comes to recruiting for your business, there are always arguments for handling the function in-house. After all, no one has a stronger handle on what your business needs than your own managers. Your management team are also best placed to create a recruitment function that works for the

Recruiting To Deliver The Latest UX Trends

The area of user experience (or UX, as it’s better known) is constantly evolving, and for app development companies, staying up to date with all the latest trends is integral to staying successful. Of course, as new trends emerge, it’s likely that your business will need to introduce new talent